I have written, performed, and recorded music since I was 12 years old.

Skydriver (2019-Present)

Skydriver is mostly a solo project. New album just released on Bandcamp.


Old Fighter (2015-2018)

Old Fighter was me and Stan Gibson (Motel Glory) and Micah Troublefield (Soft Neon). We played a few shows, but regrettably, we never recorded.

Solo (2006-2014)

I wrote songs and did occasional recordings during this period, but this was a busy time – having kids, starting a business, etc.

Cannons (2004-2006)

Cannons was Greg Ellis, Stan Gibson, Mike Earle, and me. I considered us a Punk band. Of course, that word means different things to different people. We played shows from 2004-2006. We also released a full-length CD.
Learn more at myspace.com/cannonslightbrigade.

Solo (2003)

Just playing and writing some.

Broadwater Graham (2000-2002)

Broadwater Graham consisted of me and Ben Graham just duo acoustic singer-songwriter kind of stuff. This was my first real foray into a different side of music, like harmonies and minimalism. As Broadwater Graham, we released two CDs – an EP and a full length album. The full-length CD is entitled #B.

eddy (1993-1998)

eddy was me, Scott Nurkin (Birds of Avalon), and Alex Livingstone (Grand Champeen).  We were in high school then in college (all in separate towns). We played a lot of shows and toured the East Coast and around to Chicago. We released a 7″ record and a full-length CD.

Tonka (1989-1993)

Tonka was me, Jay Mayes, and Alex Roberts (with a brief stint by Drew Brashear). We released a list of recordings, including a tape, a 7-inch record, and a list of vinyl compilations. We also did a short East Coast tour. This was all before I changed high schools for my junior year. The other members of Tonka went on to form the band Assfactor 4 in Columbia, SC, while I went on to form eddy from Charlotte, NC.

That Cheesy Sensation (1988-1989)

When I was 12, I broke up my fledgling little band, and joined some of the guys from local band The Unvoiced to form That Cheesy Sensation. We played shows around the Carolinas and released a split 7″ inch record with a band from the midwest.