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A Presentation on Internet Marketing for Businesses

On Internet Marketing

What is your plan?

Internet Marketing
What, How & Why?
An Executive Overview
of strategies, tools, and options for online success
We will explore the desired outcomes (and realistic expectations) of Internet Marketing.

Market Awareness & Positioning

Learn to use the Internet to achieve greater market awareness and understanding of your value proposition.

Relationship Nurturing & Lead Generation

Learn to use the Internet to provide resources for prospects and facilitate sales.

Client Service & Support

Learn to use the Internet to provide support to the people with whom you do business.

Product/Service Delivery & Transacting

Learn to use the Internet for innovative methods of delivery and transacting around products and services.
We will explore the tools, technologies, and tactics of Internet Marketing.

Your Website


Search Marketing


Social Marketing


Email Marketing

You will walk away with a better idea of what to invest in and why.

About Jason Broadwater

Jason Broadwater is the founder and president of RevenFlo – an Internet Marketing and Web Development agency located in Rock Hill, SC. Jason has been designing and developing strategy and content for the Internet since 1998, and has worked with hundreds organizations to develop and implement strategy, marketing programs, websites, and applications. He’s the author of Be Big Online (2007) as well as a list of five other books. He speaks regularly on the topic of Internet Marketing as well as on the impact of the Internet on business, culture, and the human experience.