I speak, create, and manage.



125 Caldwell Street
Rock Hill, SC 29730

I work with people to affect change in organizations and communities by

  • speaking for a new paradigm or shared vision,
  • designing / managing collaborative projects,
  • designing / implementing technologies, and
  • designing / conducting communications initiatives.
  • Kind Words from Nice People

    "Jason... Your share in Salisbury was exceptional on many levels. As an aging boomer - you helped me 'get it' in a way that I can be more successful at work which is nice - but more effective with my two children which is priceless."
    Bob Rich,Delmarva Farm Management Services, Owner / Sperry Van Ness, Land Advisor

  • Kind Words from Nice People

    "Jason is a compelling speaker full of innovative ideas. His notions of collaboration through public/private partnership and bringing together Education and Economic Development and the Internet are cutting edge and worthy of note by those of influence in these sectors."
    John M. Papadopulos,President, Wells Fargo Retirement

  • Kind Words from Nice People

    "The program Jason brought to our community represents the very best of today’s reality. A joint effort with the public private and educational interests combined to enhance economic development and learning experience is a win for everyone. Our hope is that the quality of life in our community and this new high tech initiative will result in creative jobs in a place young people will want to stay and call home."
    Doug Echols,Mayor of Rock Hill, SC

  • Kind Words from Nice People

    "This was the best seminar I was privileged to attend in the past two months. The speaker was unreal good and the info he gave us has already had a positive impact on our town. It was a game changer for Federalsburg. Good job. No, great job. Thank you."
    Bill Beall,Mayor of Federalsburg, Maryland

  • Kind Words from Nice People

    "The York County Medical Society appreciates your informative and engaging presentation on the ongoing Internet Revolution and it’s impact on medicine and health care."
    Vipul Thakker, M.D.,

  • Kind Words from Nice People

    "Jason is a visionary person with a remarkable ability to put ideas into action. In supporting economic development, highest recommendations!"
    Stephen Turner,Director of Economic and Urban Development, City of Rock Hill

  • Kind Words from Nice People

    "Excellent points, insight, and leadership from Jason...both in his publication and at the York County Day event, as I witnessed. Thanks, JB, for participating and sharing!"
    Rob Youngblood,President at York County Regional Chamber of Commerce

  • Kind Words from Nice People

    "Jason, a self-organizing and visionary entrepreneur with whom the Arts Council worked to host an Economic Gardening Conference in Rock Hill, SC, Aug 2010, is a leader in our community. The conference brought together the business community, the arts community and the student community over the idea of aligning goals and objectives to creative and support a business-friendly climate under which business entrepreneurs can thrive."
    Debra Heintz,Executive Director, Arts Council of York County

  • Kind Words from Nice People

    "Jason's ability to convey the message of how crowdsourcing can be used as a tool to spur redevelopment efforts is uncanny. He has made the connection between public engagement and community redevelopment. I encourage you to hear him share his experiences in Rock Hill, SC."
    Wade Luther, II,Economic Development Director, City of Camden

  • Kind Words from Nice People

    "I'll keep it brief. Jason is one very motivated and decidedly creative individual. These traits along with his never ending energy make him an asset to any profession, community or group of friends. He has always been a reliable forward thinking associate and a true friend."
    Bartow Church,Producer at Apostle Films

  • Kind Words from Nice People

    "Jason has been instrumental in putting together the Hive – an innovative, collaborative solution for utilizing the growing Internet Industry for workforce, community, and economic development. Not only was the idea truly innovative, but Jason delivered."
    Greg F. Rutherford, Ph.D.,President, York Technical College

  • Kind Words from Nice People

    "Jason, your topic, information covered, and presentation style and method was on right target for our community’s/region’s nonprofits that are considering using social media and the internet to increase their current and future constituents’ awareness and support of their organizations."
    Lane D. Cook,Vice President of Planned Giving & Development, Foundation For The Carolinas

  • Jason to Speak March 31 at Conference in Atlanta, GA

    Jason will speak at the National Main Streets Conference on March 30 in Atlanta. TOPIC: Attracting and Retaining Millennial Talent for the New Economy. From the conference materials: Talent is the currency of the new economy. The millennial generation is the key to our future. Every community is faced with a question: How do we recruit and retain talent of the millennial generation? The answer lies in engagement. Explore two case studies of unique and innovative projects conducted for millennial engagement for talent recruitment in Rock Hill, SC, that have contributed to […]

  • Jason to speak at the University in Nevada

    Jason is scheduled as a keynote speaker at the University of Nevada on May 21st from 8 to 9 am. Jason will speak on how to recruit and maintain millennial talent while using the Knowledge Park Initiative in Rock Hill, SC as his prime example.

I wrote a book entitled Old Town New World:
Main Street and More in the New Economy.


I speak on Economic & Community Development for the new economy.