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Jason Broadwater


My wife and children and I live in York, SC. Our family is mostly in York County. My wife and I both grew up here. We were each away for about 10 years, then we moved back and started our family. I started a writing business when we moved back to York County in 2003, and I have evolved it into a marketing agency (RevenFlo). I now speak and work in economic and community development as well as operate my marketing business. Music is also big part of my life – both personally and professionally. I am also a writer, with two degrees in creative writing. I am always working on a written work (at different paces, at different times). I love to create things and affect change.


Founder & President
RevenFlo: Creative Marketing Services
The Local Pickup: Guitars

Keynote Speaker and Writer
Speaker on Economic Development for the New Economy

Project Consultant
Consultant on community and organization development


Goddard College
Masters Of Fine Art In Writing (2000)

University of North Carolina at Asheville
Bachelor Of Art In Writing (1998)


Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government
Senior Fellow of Executive Leadership for Innovation in Economic Development (2014)

Lee Institute
Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum


York County Regional Chamber of Commerce
Board Member (2018-Present)

University of South Carolina Lancaster
Board of Visitors Board Member (2018-Present)

York Economic Development Corporation
Board Member (2018-Present)

Current Projects

Keynote Speaking

Jason gives keynotes on economic and community development.

Intentional Places

Intentional Places is solution in economic and community development.


RevenFlo is a creative marketing company located in Rock Hill, SC.

Old Town New World

Old Town New World is an initiative about people in a new economy.

The Local Pickup

The Local Pickup is a web show about guitars and people.

Highlighted Past Projects


Givolio was an online giving tool for personal and HR uses.

Aday Remus

Aday Remus was a tool and initiative for prototyping empty buildings for the purpose of spurring community economic revitalization.

The Waterbug Agency

The Waterbug Agency was an annual arts event held in Asheville, NC.

The Hive

The Hive was a web and media training and education space serving as the tip of the spear to the Knowledge Park revitalization of Rock Hill, SC.