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Jason Broadwater

My name is Jason Broadwater. I live in York, SC, with my wife and two children. I have an office and studio in Old Town Rock Hill, SC. Professionally, I primarily manage my marketing company, RevenFlo, which I founded in 2004.  I also speak and write about economic and community development and have done so since 2010. I have a Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Goddard College, and I was a fellow of the Innovation in Economic Development program at John F. Kennedy School at Harvard University. I’ve served on a lot of boards in the context of community leadership – EDCs, Chambers, and other leadership groups. I’m always interested in ways to work with positive people to do creative and impactful work.

Jason provides keynotes on economic and community development.

Jason owns and manages RevenFlo, a boutique marketing agency.

Jason is a producer of creative projects.

Jason is a lifelong musician.