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Economic Development Keynote Speaker

Topics Include

  • Silos to Synergy: Collaborating in the New Economy
  • Revitalizing Your Downtown (the economic argument)
  • Recruiting & Retaining Talent and the Affluent
  • Empowering the Poor to Productivity
  • Industrial Recruitment in the New Economy
  • Mixed-use Masterplanning as Economic Engine
  • Community Marketing & Story-telling

A New World

The reason we can’t seem to tell whether we’re in a growth period or a recession is because the measurement devices of the past 50, even 500, years don’t tell the same stories that they used to. With disruptive decentralization, furious innovation, and a creative and technical artisan middle class, the world is in a global paradigm shift as significant as when the Western World came out of the Dark Ages through the Renaissance. The characteristics of our urban (even ruralban) districts of our economy today are more akin to the famed streets of Florence hundreds of years ago, than they are to the compartmentalized largeness of the Industrial Revolution. Our world is changed. Success in a new world takes new ways of seeing and new ways of doing. How do we create a community, a world, that serves all people?

We are each a Florence in the New Renaissance.

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Jason Broadwater

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