Workforce Solutions
for Economic Development

Jason provides consulting, strategy development, and project design for workforce solutions for small cities and rural communities in the US.

Stakeholder Presentations

Jason provides presentations to stakeholder groups on the current and coming state of workforce and what local and regional organizations can do about it, specifically capitalizing on the internet, digital technologies, and creative communications strategies. Contact to Learn More

Digital Workforce Pipelines

Digital Workforce Pipeline
A Digital Workforce Pipeline is an evolving ecosystem of websites, web tools, web integrations, and marketing efforts. Each community’s pipeline is unique in its target industries, target audience, and participating organizations (and their existing assets and efforts). We work with your team to design, implement, and even manage a custom digital workforce pipeline that serves the people of your community.   Schedule a call to discuss.

Training Course Registration Funnels

RevenFlo designs online lead-generation funnels that drive registrations for training programs, community colleges, and technical colleges. See a case study on our digital marketing for a Technical College in South Carolina.

Technical College Workforce

Community Workforce Data Integrations

Workforce data is scattered and duplicated across every community in multiple websites and databases — jobs, fairs, internships, apprenticeships, training information, as well as federal and state data such as census data, unemployment data, salary data, and more. Learn about our custom data integration solutions that create data-sharing collaborations for workforce-related data in your community. Contact to Learn More