The healthcare question is one of the greatest of our generation, and is currently top of the news. We embark upon a monumental challenge to address it and reform it. The electronic health record has been accepted as a huge part of that effort. Along with the existing mandate and funding, 36 federal agencies have come together and formed an Open Source platform and a “network of networks” that any practice or hospital can plug into and achieve nationwide interconnectivity. The software is free. But in order for the practice or hospital to do this, they will need to employ knowledge workers for consulting, logistics, interface design, LAMP development, IT implementation and support, hardware consulting and configuring, and more. This means jobs in many forms: staff, contracted workers, service providers with staff, service providers using contractors, and freelancers. Human activity, not proprietary solutions, is the nature of the technology services marketplace. It is a knowledge-worker marketplace. And this marketplace is about to be injected with billions of dollars in spending.