The Herald published an article today endorsing Vance Stine for SC House District 47.

Vance is running against Tommy Pope and Brett Boyd in the June 8 Republican Primary for the opportunity to run against Herb Kirsh for the District 47 SC House seat.

I’ve never understood why newspapers endorsed candidates. I mean, I’m glad they endorsed Vance because he’s the right guy for the job – a true public servant and not an ambitious politician. But, it still seems strange that an “objective” news source would choose a candidate to endorse.

Regardless of their endorsement, they published a great article on why Vance, as opposed to Tommy Pope, should be elected to the position.

Vance has a clear message, details on his proposed solutions, and is not bound by towin’ party lines. He also has the experience needed for the job.

The article was pretty bold in its comments about Tommy Pope, who is probably a fine and competent man but seems to be taking a “be charming and say little” approach. Pretty safe approach, it would seem.

We’ll see what happens on Tuesday at the June 8 Republican Primary.