Yesterday, I was in our American Leadership Forum. We used our results from the Strengths Finder test to do an exercise with Core Clarity out of  Dallas Texas. Pretty amazing stuff.

We looked at our five core strengths and explored what they mean to each of us, to our lives, and to us as a group – for it is only a couple of weeks before we traipse off into the wilderness of Pisgah Mountain.

As we were checking out of a meaningful and powerful day, one of my classmates thanked the presenters for the language that was given to us. I thought that was right on. That was the true value of the day – to recognize our tendencies and qualities, to focus on the positive of those qualities, to begin to look at ways to increase the “air time” of those qualities in our lives (as opposed to being back-seated by coping skills learned for weaker qualities), and most comprehensively, to give us a language and a framework to discuss and think about and act on these ideas.

I have grown from the experience and will use this information to make many positive changes in RevenFlo and in my life in general.