So, we got up the landing page for Aday Remus (patent pending, filed 2012), with a projected Beta Launch of December 17. We also got up a blog at

Aday Remus is a tool for socially prototyping the new use of old space. This allows people to participate in the development of their own community – whatever their motivation… economic developer, realtor, business person, student, or just creative citizen. We’re looking forward to seeing this technology change the way communities across the US are developed.

The pilot project won’t start until January, where we will have select communities across the nation participating. They will each bring their local students into their downtown districts and allow the students to prototype their redeveloping areas. The creative, crowd-sourced input into the revitalization process will be invaluable, but probably the buy-in and potential retention of talent in each of these respective communities will be an even bigger win.