I struggle with do and be. When one year ends and another begins, I feel excitement for the opportunity for what I can do or achieve this coming year. I also feel stress and frustration for what I was unable or unwilling to do last year, as measured against an abstract standard. I sometimes feel good about what I did/achieved, but more often I lament the didn’t more than celebrate the did.

Like I said, I also struggle with do and be. I have experienced truth when hearing someone say you are what you do, or a man is defined by his actions. And I have experienced truth when hearing someone say, understand what it means to be and don’t just be lost in the doing.

I tell my wife to ease her burden of task task task that while I appreciate what she does, I love her for who she is. So what makes her who she is? Well, it’s partially what she does, but it’s also her thoughts, ideas, desires, and dreams.

My children and the reality and idea of fatherhood have pushed the question of do and be to the forefront for me. I want to be a good father, and much of that is defined by what I do. But some of it has to do with who I am beyond action.

So I guess my conclusion is my usual one, that I don’t know much about anything. But I do plan to coach my son’s basketball, take my daughter to daycare, come home in the evenings, work hard and smart all day, grow my company significantly, work less on weekends, and give my attention to my wife and children when I am home. And I plan to be both more relaxed and more creative with learning and experiencing life with my little family. And to be more disciplined and steadfast in my time dedicated to work.

Peace and good will.