We talk to songwriter Slade Baird about his decision to leave corporate life in Philadelphia, and move home to Clover, SC to pursue his love of Rock n’ Roll. He discusses the importance of finding work that you’re passionate about, or going out and creating it for yourself. Slade splits his time between video post-production, and his band, Amigo. American Songwriter Magazine called their songs as “unexpected and serious songwriting rendered by a band capable of vast extremes.” In addition to talking his path from office work to Rock, we’ll discuss ethics of punk, playing in massive venues, and the motivation to dedicate one’s life to music.

Slade Baird is a ruggedly handsome singer-songwriter from Clover, SC. He is the lead singer and guitarist for the Charlotte-based traveling rock’n’roll band Amigo. Formed in 2011, Amigo has released one full length LP, Might Could, and toured all over the South and the East Coast. The band will release a new 7″ – a split release with Greenville’s The Long Canes – on September 17th. Amigo also has a new LP recorded which should be out in early 2017. See the band’s website for tour dates.