York County Arts Council Gallery Manager Mike Gentry talks about running The Courtroom At Getty’s, a venue that’s been hosting regional and national bands for the past 8 years. He’ll talk about how a local scene offers touring bands a chance to play in front of new crowds while establishing relationships with local bands. He’ll talk about the beginnings of Don’t Sweat it Fest, a hugely successful yearly event and explain the balance between making money and keeping a fresh, interesting venue.

From the man himself:
Mike “tha Don” Gentry (aka the people’s elbow, aka the bearer of the Key of Gettys) was born from the salty waves of Charlestowne and attended Winthrop the school of Liberals and Arts where he studied under the Plaid Warlock, Paul Martyka, and the forger of  all things large and absurd, Shaun Cassidy. His studies and extracurriculars at Winthrop gave Gentry many bardic skills he uses to foster and assist his fellow minstrels and dilettantes in the quaint town of Rock Hill