I just finished my new book entitled Old Town New World: Main Street and More in the New Economy.  It’s a short book, but I’m proud of it.

The book is mostly a treatise on economic development in the new economy, specifically to do with how small city’s need to focus on the revitalization of their urban districts. The book is written from personal stories and experiences.  Thus, it’s part memoir, part case study on Rock Hill, and part treatise on economic development… of course this is all intertwined into a riveting thriller of non-stop action sequences and love making, where one man stands alone against the world to fight an epic battle that could determine the fate of the universe… (just kidding about that whole last part).

I hope the book serves to help communities develop in a way that brings success to them in this new world.  I believe that economic development is the effort to improve the quality of life for all citizens in a community.  I worry that the term economic development is too often too narrowly defined and is usually set up as a silo for one entity or organization to worry about.  Economic Development is all of our responsibility.  We are our communities, and no one is going to come and create them, improve them, and manage them for us.

The book should be out in two weeks (fingers crossed)!