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Keynote Speaking, Workshops, Consulting

Jason Broadwater provides professional keynote speaking, learning workshops, and consulting on economic and community development. He focuses on such areas as Downtown Revitalization, Talent Recruitment & Retention, and Industry Development in the New Economy.


RevenFlo is an Internet Marketing company located in Rock Hill, SC. We provide services in website design, application development, social and search marketing, and content production. We help people succeed online. RevenFlo.com

Old Town New World

Old Town New World is an initiative in community and economic development. The initiative includes a podcast, books, keynotes, a growing list of projects, and an occasional conference. OldTownNewWorld.com


Givolio is Your Giving PotfolioTM – an app that allows you to manage your personal giving. Givolio.com

Aday Remus

Selected as a finalist in the Community Service category for the SC InnoVision Awards in Greenville, SC, Aday Remus is a community collaboration project for the creative and social prototyping of a physical district or community. AdayRemus.com

The Hive

The Hive is an interactive training and community education space in Knowledge Park in Rock Hill, SC. We designed the original program that launched The Hive and served as its flagship program for 3 years. The program produced websites for local nonprofits with student populations managed by a private web business. Hive at OTNW

The Waterbug Agency

The Waterbug Agency was an annual event we held in Asheville, NC. The event brought together visual art, music, and the literary arts into an evening of social endeavor and fun.

Punk Rock

As a young kid, I was introduced to punk rock music, and more importantly, the punk rock perspective. I have played in bands for most of my life. We were quasi-posi privileged punk rockers who liked to play shows and put out records and organize events and tour and be productive entrepreneurs of passion and punk rock music  (mostly pre-Internet, mind you).  The whole endeavor has been a defining influence on my life.