The fall air had a feeling of anticipation as Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation held their annual retreat on October 26th. Panel members discussed new ideas as well as revisited plans such as a street car that would bridge Winthrop and downtown Rock Hill, crossing through the textile corridor. The Hive and Clemson University’s technology incubator program were discussed as newly, anticipated development projects. Jason Broadwater, founder of the Hive and serving as one of seven panelists, provided his view of the new economy. Broadwater states that in the new economy it will be the individual, with their entrepreneurial spirit, that creates new companies rather than the old model where it was the companies who brought the people (jobs).

The Clemson incubation program and the Hive are a well-suited match. Both have end goals of preparing entrepreneurs with technology and business skills necessary to attract or establish new businesses. The job creation and economic growth generated by these programs will enhance future prospects in the textile corridor making a ride on the proposed street car a scenic trip through prosperity.