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So we’re getting together with professionals from the marketplace to discuss social media. How is it affecting things? How should I approach it? Should my business use it? And by the way… what exactly is it?

Well… let’s look at it. Right? Let’s talk about it. That’s what we’re thinking. The core of what we do is about fluidity of communication, and social media has come into this arena a gentle goliath.

One of the big issues for me is the nature of the social media… i.e., that it’s social. 

Selling, per se, is not welcome in these spaces. Instead, sharing is welcome. Sharing about business is fine, if that’s what you choose to share about, and sharing about other things is fine too. It’s the act of sharing is the nature of the experience. Those who are interested in what you share will experience it through selection processes, and those who are not will not experience it.