RevenFlo is our Internet Marketing firm located in Rock Hill, SC.

Here’s three principles that I will put forward at our next meeting:

  1. To exist is to grow
  2. To grow is to add happy customers
  3. Always seek greater simplicity

To Exist is to Grow

There is no “maintain” in business. You are either growing, or you are dying. Everything becomes increasingly expensive over time; it’s the nature of our economy and societal framework. To even “maintain” you have to grow at a modest percent. But that’s not good enough. We do not come to work everyday to have increasingly less worth in the real world marketplace. We are here to grow.

To Grow is to Add Happy Customers

A happy customer is one who is happy to cut a check. To do this, the person must believe that the value of what they received, or are going to receive, is greater than the value of the amount of money they paid for it.

So, why are they paying us? Are they paying us for a website or some other deliverable? Are they paying us for an objective to be met (first place in Google for some key word)? Well, often the purchase is framed this way. But the deeper question is why do they want these things? Why do they want a website? Why do they want to be first in Google? Well, it’s because they have determined (either with our help or before they even came to us) that these things will contribute to the success of their organization.

People are happy with paying us when they feel like their organization is growing or improving as a direct result of the work we are doing. For some this means sales. For some this means leads. For some it means professional positioning. For some it means stakeholder buy-in or participation.

Regardless of the specific desired outcomes, and regardless of the deliverables, and regardless of the objectives… if they are not happy to cut a check, then they will not be a client for long.

Always Seek Greater Simplicity

By simplicity, I do not mean simple-mindedness of course. I mean the simplicity on the other side of complexity.

When we look at our business model, the more simple it becomes, the more successful it becomes. When we sell to prospects, the more simple that which they are buying, the more likely they are to buy it. When we present our performance, the more simply we communicate success, the more clearly our value is understood.

The principle of simplicity is at the core of success and happiness.


These are the principles that I will present at our next company meeting. And I will call them the Tao of RevenFlo.