Over the last week, I have had some powerful experiences that remind me why I like to help people use the Internet to be successful. I’ve always created. I always will. But when I added the notion of service to the process of creating is when I really found my calling.

Piedmont Medical Center was recently selected as the “American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Get With The Guidelines® Distinguished Hospital of the Year” by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). The award is for making significant contributions in quality of care for patients with cardiovascular disease and stroke.

This makes me happy. I have been putting my heart, as well as my creative mind and energy, as well as my team’s focus into helping Piedmont Medical Center communicate with the public and demonstrate the constant improvement that is taking place at the hospital. I believe in what Bill and Christina and Amy and Katie and all the other new folks in leadership roles at the hospital are doing. I believe in the work we are doing to tell people that “You Won’t Believe What’s in Your Own Backyard.” I believe in what I am hearing as we interview community leaders and staff and doctors, and they all say that the energy around continual improvement, around being exceptional, is palpable.

Hear community leaders discuss Piedmont:

Another client of ours – Hutchison Group – asked us to come and record their fearless leader (Chip) speak at an event just recently. I went with Chris (our video man extraordinaire) just to touch base with Chip and see him in action. He spoke on grand macro-ideas. He talked about the Internet as a game-changer with only four other events in history of the same caliber – language, writing, and the printing press. I was so impressed with Chip to see that communication is the human experience and to recognize that radical shifts in our ability to communicate have only taken place a few times in history and we are right in the middle of one now with the Internet.

Another client of ours – Marriage Rescue – came in to do a video about their marriage counseling process. I watched the video and was engaged and enamored with their perspective and approach to speaking about love and God and communication and relationships. I was inspired.

These clients and so many others are people for whom I will gladly advocate. They are people I believe in. They are people with whom I have healthy, functional relationships. They are good people doing good work, and I am honored to be able to serve them by doing what I do well.

You only live once (as far as we know). You may as well leverage your talent by helping people you believe in.