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Internet & Technology
Services & Supply Chain
<i>The new economy is being born in our business models and in our villages. We are each Florence of a new renaissance.</i>

The New Economy

Connected Village

Just as a port or a depot has always had the power to create a thriving village, so can robust internet access and modern transportation systems. Our villages are the cultural hubs that beat like a heart at the center of each of our towns. Connectivity within these and among these is the lifeblood of the new economy.

Innovation Horizontal

Textiles is not overseas. Manufacturing is not overseas. They’re right here AND overseas. Global and local. The design, licensing, branding, selling, engineering, financial, and operations work is all happening right here. Every sector has an innovation horizontal of knowledge, creative, and technical work. Grow these.

Global Leapfrogging

Increasingly, we are local and global. Often these are the same. We use SMS on a global system to text a person in the same room. We celebrate local food and brew, and we buy jewelry from the other side of the planet. Countries all over the world are benefiting from this person-to-person services and products economy. Often growth is not about getting big, but connecting in innovative ways and leapfrogging the existing marketplace.

Talent Economy

Currently entering the workforce is the first digital native generation in a world that has been permanently altered on the grandest and smallest scale by the Internet. Every sector has changed due to rapid technology developments and the Internet. Companies are born of the talent, move to the talent, and will invest in the talent.