I read a book called MBA in a Book, does that mean that I now have an MBA? Of course it does. I recommend this book to everyone who is concerned over a business and its models and success.

In an article entitled “Why Execution is the Source of Competitiveness” James Champy wrote, “The challenge today is for companies to adapt their processes to new technologies…”

This is true. And so is the converse, or reverse, or opposite, or whatever… that we must adapt our technologies to our new processes. It’s not that one supersedes of precedes the other. They inform one another to create, together, one whole that becomes the nature of your operations, thus the nature of your organization.

“…we focused on the wrong side of the equation – the technology itself, not what the technology could do for us. Technology invention is one thing. Technology application and value creation are quite another.” — Thornton May

We must capitalize on new technologies by examining ways we could integrate them into our processes. Sometimes we are making changes to the processes, sometimes we are making changes to the technologies.

I have many quotes from the book highlighted. Good stuff.