Keynote: In time allotted
Seminar: 1.5 hrs – 3.5 hrs

This keynote / seminar is geared to Attorneys, Financial Planners, CPAs, Architectural Firms, Doctors, and other professional service firms and practices.

Professional service firms and practices have a unique challenge in terms of using the Web effectively. We breakdown the needs and challenges of such professionals into nine categories of necessity for effectiveness:

  • Necessity #1: A Real Commitment
  • Necessity #2: A Singular Brand
  • Necessity #3: Specific Goals and Objectives
  • Necessity #4: Strategic Design and Architecture
  • Necessity #5: Web Development
  • Necessity #6: Web IT (Hosting, Email, etc.)
  • Necessity #7: Search Strategy
  • Necessity #8: Analytics
  • Necessity #9: Email and Offline Integration

This keynote / seminar will cover all that you will encounter as you look to market your practice effectively on the Web.

For the seminar, the “Nine Necessities” provide an outline for our conversation, but we will focus on the ideas and situations of those in the room, thus making the seminar both an educational overview and a practical solution-development experience.