We have the wheels in motion for a conference to be held in Old Town Rock Hill at City Club on October 23rd.

Keep up with progress here = www.OldTownNewWorld.net.

The theme for the event will be the Internet and Our Community. The three main topics (as they are shaping up) will be:

1. Your Own Electronic Health Record by 2015?
2. The knowledge worker and the local economy.
3. Organization transformation (including education, municipality, non-profits, and business)

The format will be modelled after TED (the annual conference). It will mostly be a day of rapid-fire 18-minute presentations. We want to include presenters from an array of disciplines who have their own take on one of the above three topics. Like TED, the presentations don’t segway into each other, but instead stand alone each one of them. Yet the sum effect is an overview of the theme in general through different angles on these three topics.

Our current speakers include:

  • Jason Broadwater, of RevenFlo (me)
  • Dr. Richard Patterson, CMO of Piedmont
  • Stephen Turner, Director Economic and Urban Development City of Rock Hill

We will probably be selecting six more.

We will also have visual art as a significant part of the discourse. Just as we can respond to the Web and its effect on our lives academically, we can do so artistically. We may have one of our speakers be an artist or trainer of artists. But we will definitely have art on display intermingled with the experience of the day.

We are seeking a few more sponsors. Currently our sponsors include:

  • RevenFlo
  • CN2
  • Arts Council of York County
  • ACE Projects

We also thank Piedmont Medical for an early ticket purchase to show support.

We are currently selling tickets at $100 each with a 150 person limit. Tickets are currently available online at OldTownNewWorld.net.