Dear South Carolina Legislators,

Please repeal Act 388 immediately – even if it takes special convening to do so.

Please do not complicate this action with talk of Comprehensive Tax Reform or Political Will. We all know that we need both. But allowing this knowledge to be a hindrance to simply repealing Act 388 is non-action and irresponsible.

As I speak to leaders all over South Carolina, I hear so many say (uncontested, it seems) that Act 388 is doing specific damage to both our Economic Development Efforts and Education Efforts in the state. Undoing the damage of Act 388 seems to be in every economic development and education organization’s strategic plan. So why does Act 388 persist?

Act 388 is like the Emporer’s New Clothes. Why do we all stand and pretend that it’s complicated? Let’s be the child and say it’s simple.

Please, dear leaders, stop dodging this and stalling with complexity. You are well-intended, hard-working servants of the people. Act now please. We can start Comprehensive Tax Reform later. Just repeal Act 388 immediately and exercise some of the political will I hear so many of you lament.

Thank you for not complicating what is simple and clear. Please act, or know that you chose not to.


Jason Broadwater