This keynote or seminar is geared to HR Directors, Technology Directors, and Marketing Directors of organizations of all kinds.

Content Management has become the key to managing any kind of enterprise-level web presence these days. We all know that static content is a thing of the past and that the web is happening now. But how do we manage web content exactly?

What are the technologies and methodologies of content management? What are the human system requirements involved? And to what end?

The attendee will gain:

  • An overview of what content management is and how it affects Web communications
  • An understanding of what is to be gained and how content management can positively affect an organization in many ways
  • An understanding of the necessary investments in technology and administrative management for effective content management
  • An understanding of ho to measure ROI for both initial investment and continued activity
  • A strategy for presenting the benefits of content management to both top-level decision makers and to stakeholders in general for buy-in