Thank you so very much for registering to attend the 2010 Old Town New World conference. I apologize to ask this of you, but we are going to have to RESCHEDULE THE CONFERENCE.

We very much appreciate your interest in what we are doing. Forty registrations! … and I just sent messages to some of my friends on Facebook.

I very much hope you will still be able to join us. We do not currently have a date for the conference, typical punkers -:) We don’t have a venue either.

But here’s what we do have:

  • a list of speakers who are committed and excited about participating
  • a list of bands who are committed and excited about playing
  • one speaker in particular of a national reputation desirous to participate
  • funding (as long as we get enough registrations of people… that’s you! thanks again!)
  • a group of organizations (including the city) who are very enthusiastic to see large groups of happy engaged people in the main streets of Old Town

We are currently looking at 10/21, but it’s a moving target at the moment. I will be back in touch when we have a date or to update you on the process.

Thank you for your support!