Is it an accident that the Danelectro DC-1 Shorthorn has one of the most iconic tones in rock music history? The sheer number of Jimmy Page tunes recorded on one provides evidence enough of its uniqueness in tone, not to mention the DC-1’s of Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Steve Earle, Amy Winehouse, and so many more, even Fat Mike on the bass version. Note this Comprehensive List of Danelectro players.

Probably due to cut costs, these Danelectros were built of a composite material. This resulted in a unique sound that no one else had ever been able to produce at the time. It is jangly but with bold round tones and a bit of bite. They had great necks. Famous musician, Eddie Van Halen would use the Danelectro necks on other guitars. It plays with ease. 

In modern era, the brand has been given a new life. A new Danelectro company now makes the old model of guitars as well as new ones. They also a major maker of great pedals now.

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