This morning my wife gave me Gutsy Smurf. We took the kids to see the Smurf movie the other day, and she took them to get Smurf action figures (if you can call them that), and while there, she bought me Gutsy Smurf. She did it because I’ve been a little down lately. Just kind of in a funk. The reason is my relentless desire to do the extraordinary, to go “big like a dinasau” (to quote Nappy Roots). Sometimes this drive makes me ecstatic, sometimes fixated, sometimes cocky, sometimes humble, sometimes proud, and sometimes sad. It’s a strange feeling, this melancholy. It makes me question everything and wonder where the confidence that I am so used to has gone in those moments. It always comes back… I just have to readjust, refocus, and re-engage.

I am currently involved in a list of extraordinary endeavors. I am starting a second semester of The Hive, my brainchild turned reality. I am kicking off the largest project I have ever managed (undisclosed at this point). RevenFlo is growing consistently in revenue. And I am involved in ramping up the RevenNetwork.

What is the RevenNetwork you ask?

I have a passion for web knowledge workers, and how they are affecting the economy, the landscape, and our world. RevenFlo’s vision from the beginning has been based on a new economy, a new way of working. I believe that it is possible for people to work when and how they want to work, to work on projects that they are passionate about, to do the work that is their highest and best use. I believe we can change the world in this way. We don’t need permission. We don’t need an authority to tell us it’s ok. We don’t need the news or the government to tell us the economy is recovering. We don’t need anything but our own determination and creative hard work… and maybe an extra size portion of guts.

I feel good.