Sometimes, even bad ideas are ideas worth sharing.

To learn the importance of that lesson, though, is a little harder. On Nov. 4, Jason met with teenagers from YouLead to discuss the importance of collaboration, innovation, and bad ideas. The morning began at 8 a.m. when the group packed into RevenFlo headquarters to learn more about how RevenFlo works and why exactly projects like Knowledge Park’s The Hive are so important to the community.

Hive Fall 14 06
Jason speaks to YouLead Tuesday morning

He introduced students to the Marshmallow Challenge, a timed group project designed to enhance creative process and collaborative problem solving. Teams used only four materials to develop the tallest free-standing structure. In a quick recap after the challenge, students cited communication and strategy as important elements to their teams’ success.

Students also noticed that both good and bad ideas were a valuable part of the process, because brainstorming got the team motivated. Agreeing, Jason closed out the session by noting that even terrible ideas are important to the creative process and success a whole: “If no one puts forward and idea to get started, you never get started.”