RevenFlo has been contracted to provide the marketing support for the Knowledge Park Innovation Initiative in Rock Hill, SC.This initiative is supported by a grant from the SC department of commerce. The purpose of the initiative is the establishment of a targeted, systematic, and sustainable approach to the development of human capital to serve Knowledge Economy businesses and jobs.

A Strategic Question

When we approach such a project, we start with the Strategic Question: WHO do we want to engage with WHAT and WHY? The answer to this question is the guiding vision for the work as it evolves. Once we have the answer to this question, we can ask the marketing question: HOW? That is the question that your marketing strategy will answer.

Knowledge Park Question

How do we attract creative, positive, and productive individuals to engage with activities, spaces, and tools in order to bolster the economic growth of Knowledge Park, Rock Hill, and the region?

A Strategic Plan

This project is about people. We want to engage people in Knowledge Park. How do we do this? Well… as long as we are doing innovative things here in Knowledge Park (and we are), then we simply need to start showing people all that is happening here, and do it in an innovative way.

We need to show people that like bread rising this place is expanding with the energy of creativity, innovation, and opportunity. The Knowledge Park Innovation Initiative brings together a coordinated effort of “doing innovative things” here. The various projects are about providing Activity, Space, and Tools for the purpose of engaging motivated and affecting people with the vision and progress of Knowledge Park.

Thus, we plan to focus our marketing on those very activities, spaces, and tools. We will use content marketing to show what is happening in Knowledge Park and to entice more to participate. We will market up-coming events and other programmatic activity. We will document happenings and celebrate small successes. We will do all of this through content marketing.

We will attract those who are interested in such activity, space, and tools. On the Internet, people are directed and herded to content by the nature of the Internet. They search and connect in spaces and around content that interests them. Therefore, it inherently brings the right people to you.

Organic, documentary-style content creation and sharing will not only serve functional needs like recruiting people to a class or program, but it also serves to create the reality among our target groups and among the broad general public that Knowledge Park is overflowing with creativity, innovation, and opportunity.

Some will look on and be interested, others will engage to greater extents – from voyeurs to power users. Our “power user” for Knowledge Park is someone who will decide to dedicate their creative energy in this place – who will bring a job, create jobs, create products, create services, create events, create spaces, create groups, create initiatives, participate, do work, share, and enjoy their lives here.

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