“People do everything,” I heard Dr. Greg Rutherford say at the first Old Town New World Conference. That was something I had been saying in a thousand words and all the time, but never, I don’t think, so succinctly. Technology does nothing, he said. Institutions do nothing. People do everything.

It’s funny to encounter ideas that seem to be so well timed in life. My whole life, I have created what seems unique and original ideas from my heart and head and then I seem to encounter them everywhere, as if I had to originate them to then see that they are everywhere.

At the time of hearing that little phrase – People do Everything – I was well developed in discussing that notion with folks that I served in Internet Marketing. RevenFlo’s whole business model is based on human activity. This notion that it’s all about people doing activity had dawned on me 5 or so years before and was the basic underlying principle of my business. And I felt I explained that idea and discussed it and articulated it constantly. That all success was about human activity. All we have is what we are gonna do or not do.

This notion of people doing everything was what drove my conversations and writings on the changing economy and the evolving contractor working model for knowledge workers and the creative economy. This notion had been of me and of my experience.

So, as I sat in that room in Old Town Rock Hill at the Old Town New World Conference, and I heard Greg say “People Do Everything,” it just rang so true to me like a song – like the vision in me had discovered itself in the world.

This has happened to me, it seems, over an over again in life.

One I remember was with the words of William Blake, after I had written: What is gravity but an angel. Another I remember was with the illustrations of Stephen Hawking. A few times I remember with wife, family, friends. And a list of instances I remember while reading different books.

I would dream it up, then see it everywhere. It’s a strange feeling, to encounter without me those ideas I feel as though originated from within me. It makes me feel connected to something wonderfully large.