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Dec 12, 2011

RevenDay 2011

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We had a great time at RevenDay 2011. At least I did. I think everyone else did too. We had 10 people there total. The seven of us that work in the office, and three more folks who work remotely. We did Strengths Finder, and everyone seemed to really get value from it. There was no lack of talking going on, that’s for sure. We also looked at Stephen Covey’s matrix on Urgency versus Importance. I love that concept, very valuable to think about. I’m really excited about our growth here at RevenFlo. The people we have involved are each wonderful. I feel so blessed to be the steward of such a powerful and positive group of folks. Thank you, each of you, for what you do.

RevenFlo Group

RevenFlo Group

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Jason Broadwater

Jason Broadwater is a speaker, writer, and producer of projects in economic and community development. He is also the founder and manager of RevenFlo (a marketing agency).

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