The new economy is a services economy, a technology economy, an innovation economy, a knowledge economy, and a creative economy. We see huge job growth in Educational Services, Health Services, and Professional/Business Services. This last category includes:

  • Information Technology
  • Financial
  • Architectural / Engineering
  • Marketing / Communications

As an example, York County, SC, currently has over 11,000 (according to Bruce Yandle, economist at Clemson University) independent contractors functioning as service businesses. These are 1099 contractors who are each their own business and function in the new services economy.

As the Information Technology sector grows (with huge increases in spending going into this sector from every other sector), we are seeing consultants and developers and coders and project managers and designers and writers and illustrators and administrators and marketing professionals (SEOs, PPCs, Copywriters, Etc.).

These are the service providers of the small business marketplace, with an estimated 70% of small businesses outsourcing web marketing, consulting, and development; and an estimated 55% of small businesses outsourcing their IT.