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Internet Marketing & Digital Media

A comprehensive, educational overview of Internet Marketing and Digital Media strategy for business success in any marketplace – websites, social media, mobile marketing, search optimization, content marketing, and video marketing.

Social Media

An educational overview, a strategic detail, and practical tips for social media success for any business.

Video Marketing

An educational overview with strategic and practical implementation tips for utilizing online video in marketing and communications.

A New World

The internet has changed the way we communicate. Therefore, it has changed how we work, live, and play as humans, as citizens, as consumers, and as professionals. The question for any business is not whether the internet is pertinent to them, but how will they use it effectively.


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Jason is a visionary person with a remarkable ability to put ideas into action. In supporting economic development, highest recommendations!

Stephen Turner Director of Urban and Economic Development, City of Rock Hill

Jason has the incredible ability to take complex, creative ideas and articulate those ideas in a very powerful way.  Our community WILL move forward thanks to Jason Broadwater.

David Bradley President, CEO of Statesville Chamber

Jason… Your share in Salisbury was exceptional on many levels. As an aging boomer – you helped me ‘get it’ in a way that I can be more successful at work which is nice – but more effective with my two children which is priceless.

Bob Rich Delmarva Farm Management Services, Owner / Sperry Van Ness, Land Advisor

This was the best seminar I was privileged to attend in the past two months. The speaker was unreal good and the info he gave us has already had a positive impact on our town. It was a game changer for Federalsburg. Good job. No, great job. Thank you.

Bill Beall Mayor of Federalsburg, Maryland

I had the opportunity to sit in on a speech Jason provided in the South Lake Tahoe region of California. His approach on the millennial generation was both refreshing and nuanced. It was truly a thought provoking perspective and one that I immediately brought back to my colleagues. Jason is a seasoned speaker with a charismatic style that blends messaging around economic development, community building and marketing. Truly inspirational!

Lynn Carpenter VP Marketing, VisitCalifornia

Jason provided our group with a great mix of data, humor, and insights that were informative and entertaining at the same time. He planted seeds and impressions that I know will resonate in our community in the coming months. We’ve received very positive feedback from attendees. He was a hit for sure!

B Gorman President & CEO of Tahoe Chamber
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Your presentation was the icing on the cake. You brought a very inspiring and well thought out message. I would love to see your ideas begin to root here in Nevada.

Sheryl Gonzales Project Manager, Western Nevada Development District

Jason is a self-organizing and visionary entrepreneur and a leader in our community.

Debra Heintz Executive Director, Arts Council of York County

Jason excites the mind when he is speaking. He is creative and brings the ever-changing culture to the discussion of long-time problems. He looks through new eyes. Our 60-plus CEO attendees enjoyed his talk greatly…and are still referring to his ideas!

T. Jan Wiseman Executive Director, Greater Salisbury Committee

Jason’s ability to convey the message of how crowdsourcing can be used as a tool to spur redevelopment efforts is uncanny. He has made the connection between public engagement and community redevelopment. I encourage you to hear him share his experiences in Rock Hill, SC.

Wade Luther II Economic Development Director, City of Camden
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