We will use the Internet to inspire human interaction and discussion around the vision being put forward by the superintendents of the state of South Carolina.

Stage 1: The Presentation

Let’s create an online experience that presents the vision in a poetically simple fashion.

Stage 2: The Conversation

After the gala (and even leaked out before), let’s begin the conversation around the vision.

What is the desired outcome?

  • The vision is presented.
  • People engage with the vision.
  • People contribute to the vision.
  • People begin to take ownership of the vision.
  • People use the vision to frame conversations.
  • People employ the vision in producing positive change.

What role will the Internet play in that outcome?

  1. We want to present the vision to the public in a compelling way that encourages people to interact with it and understand it. We believe an online presentation/experience will serve best as the primary medium of the presentation.
  2. We want the energy created from the vision to build, not wane, after its presented. We believe online communications efforts are best suited to inspire conversation, interaction, content creation, and collaboration.