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Old Town New World Podcast

OTNW – World War II: A Family Story

In this very special episode of Old Town New World, the late Marshall Dickson Whitesides tells the story of his journey from a family farm in South Carolina to the WWII Battlefront in France and Germany. A well-respected business owner and beloved family man, Marshall tells us about his adventures and occasional misadventures on the […]

OTNW – Naming That Tune with Mark Blankenship

Critic, Podcast Host, and Gameshow-Winner Mark Blankenship talks about the power of narrative. He explains how a pop culture obsession led him to criticism and creativity.

OTNW – The Past, Present, and Future of HBCUs with Lester McCorn

Clinton Junior College President Dr. Lester McCorn walks through the story of Historically Black Colleges & Universities and the civil rights movement in America.

OTNW – AI with Belén Sánchez Hidalgo

Data scientist, international policy advisor on economic growth, and social entrepreneur Belén Sánchez Hidalgo talks about her passion to bring diversity to AI.

OTNW: Growing a Community Church with Herbert Crump

In this episode of Old Town New World, Senior Pastor and President of Freedom Temple Ministries, Bishop Herbert C. Crump, Jr. talks about his journey from The United States Army to being head of the first minority congregation to own large property on Main Street Rock Hill.

OTNW: Winthrop and Rock Hill with Gary Simrill

In this episode of Old Town New World, former SC representative and house majority leader Gary Simrill joins us to talk about his new role at Winthrop University.

OTNW: The New Rock Hill with Brittany Kelly

The Mercantile is a positive force in the community. It’s intentionally affecting change in Rock Hill because Brittany Kelly and her husband Michael are driving it.

OTNW: War in Ukraine with Denys Krasnikov and Yana Krasnikova

Ukrainian native Denys Krasnikov and his daughter, Yana Krasnikova, talk about the impact of Russia’s war on the people of their home country.

OTNW: Higher Education with Edward Serna

We talk to Winthrop University president Edward Serna about the future of higher education in this episode of the Old Town New World Podcast.

OTNW: Place-Based Education with Lanny Adamson

We talked to Lanny Adamson, the Associate Managing Director of York Preparatory Academy, on this installment of the Old Town New World podcast.

OTNW: Choosing Rock Hill’s Future with Mayor John Gettys

On this special 100th episode on Old Town New World, we sat down with John Gettys, Rock Hill’s Mayor, about the current and future state of the town.

OTNW: Community Planning with Kettlesong’s Craig Craze & Nik Radovanovic

In this Old Town New World episode, we look at the changes happening in Rock Hill and how more change is inevitable. Nik and Craig are developers and locals who think the community at large needs to make conscious choices about what this change will look like. They also discuss their own personal connections and […]

OTNW: Success by Craftsmanship with Jay Leake

Jay Leake’s great grandfather, John began selling antiques out of his house in the 1950s and eventually expanded his business into 2 retail buildings on the northern side of York, SC. Jay’s father, John III, not content to just sell furniture, started recreating the fine antique pieces he grew up around. John III eventually transitioned […]

OTNW: The Changing World of Filmmaking with Ben Sliker

We talk to filmmaker Ben Sliker about growing up in a small town in Wisconsin and how the community he grew up in informed the way he approaches movies. We discuss his experiences with the world of corporate production work at Fox Sports and the value of a positive attitude in fluctuating job situations. We […]

OTNW: The Future of Agriculture with Ben Boyles and Will Culler

We talk to agribusiness developers Ben Boyles and Will Culler about the state of agriculture, exploring how it impacts everything from our national economy to our everyday lives in Rock Hill. They explain how they’re working toward progress in developing programs that enhance the lives and economic well-being of local citizens and communities through education […]

OTNW: Doing AND Teaching with Screenwriter Rodney Stringfellow

UNCC screenwriting teacher and Backyardigans writer Rodney Stringfellow talks about the many hats he’s worn in the world of writing. He explains the process of working in Children’s Television from pitching ideas to seeing finished productions. He also talks about the underlying sociology and politics around writing and how they’ve evolved over the years. As […]

OTNW: How Stories Make Our Reality with Velma Love

Dr. Velma Love talks about the way our lives and the whole of civilization is directed by stories. She explains how each of us carries our own story, affect the stories of those around us, and move through life based on an  existing story about the world as we know it. She also talks about […]

OTNW: Reviving The Historic Sylvia Theater with Paul Finnican

In 2001, Paul Finnican happened by one of America’s grand old theaters. The place hadn’t shown a movie in over 30 years, but maintained its golden-age charm. It’s hard to see one of these places and not jump to fantasies of what it must’ve been and what it could be now. The difference with Paul […]

OTNW: The Best Skate Shop in the Universe with Josh Frazier

Charlotte’s Black Sheep Skate Shop has been a destination for skaters and people who just want cool stuff for over 13 years. It was opened by Rock Hill native Josh Frazier and has been flourishing ever since. On this episode we join Josh at bar across from his Plaza Midwood shop to discuss the perils […]

OTNW: Columbia Museum of Art with Joelle Ryan-Cook

We travel to Columbia, SC to speak with Joelle Ryan-Cook, deputy director and director of external affairs at the Columbia Museum of Art. Joelle tells us about her personal history with art museums going back to a reverence instilled in her by her parents. She talks about the tricky business of making art museums accessible […]

OTNW: Old Town New Lancaster with Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas is the Project Director for Community Indicators & Collaborative Learning at the J. Marion Sims Foundation. We talk to her about working toward the revitalization of Lancaster, SC and the growth they’ve had so far. She talks about what it means to make a town attractive to businesses and individuals and the idea that […]

OTNW: Saving the World with Patterson Brown

We talk to Trade, Investment and Governance Advisor Patterson Brown. His work at The United States Agency for International Development has successfully set up policy and operational guidelines for more than 30 organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa. He talks about what it’s like to establish new, positive economic systems in places with varying cultures and practices. […]

OTNW: Leadership and Followership with Melissa Carsten

We’ll talk to Dr. Melissa Carsten, Associate Professor in the Management and Marketing Department at Winthrop University. She’ll discuss the traditional ideas around leadership, as well as the trends and theories that have changed the nature of it over the years. She’ll also talk about what it means to be a good follower, or collaborator. We’ll […]

OTNW: Punk Rock in the Court Room with Mike Gentry

York County Arts Council Gallery Manager Mike Gentry talks about running The Courtroom At Getty’s, a venue that’s been hosting regional and national bands for the past 8 years. He’ll talk about how a local scene offers touring bands a chance to play in front of new crowds while establishing relationships with local bands. He’ll […]

OTNW: From Hollywood to Old Town with Alfonso Freeman

We talk to actor, singer, and artist, Alfonso Freeman about the decision to uproot his life in Los Angeles, and move to Rock Hill.  Alfonso details the journey of reuniting with his father, Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman, and the impact it had on his life. He also talks about the resolve and perspective he earned, […]

OTNW: Ditching the 9 to 5 for Rock n’ Roll with Slade Baird

We talk to songwriter Slade Baird about his decision to leave corporate life in Philadelphia, and move home to Clover, SC to pursue his love of Rock n’ Roll. He discusses the importance of finding work that you’re passionate about, or going out and creating it for yourself. Slade splits his time between video post-production, […]

OTNW: Talk Radio and Punk With TJ Boggs

We talk to producer for WBT Charlotte’s John Hancock Show and musician, TJ Boggs. He talks about the growing energy in Old Town Rock Hill, and where it’s headed. He also tells us about his experiences as a producer for a political talk radio show during what is possibly the most unconventional election cycle of […]

OTNW: Government Relations And Internationalism With Stefan Nowicki

We talk to communications and government relations manager for the Domtar Corporation Stefan Nowicki about the cultural changes he experienced when his parents relocated from Austria to America when he was 14. He tells us about the experiences that have informed his work and perspective. We discuss the state of international relations and the ups and […]

OTNW: Charlotte Storytellers With Nora Orton

We talk to Nora Orton, cofounder and content director of Charlotte Storytellers, a group that meets weekly for workshops and performances. Nora discusses the life experience that brought her to the craft of storytelling, and the origin of Charlotte Storytellers. We also talk about the value of spoken word, and the need for real  human […]

OTNW: Teaching, Relationships, And Red Dawn With Ben Graham

We talk to North Buncombe High School history teacher Ben Graham about coming of age through punk rock, and falling in love with world history. We discuss the importance of relationships to humanity and growth. He discusses why teaching is important to him and his philosophy around creating rich learning environments. He also talks about […]

OTNW: Live Music In Old Town with Minnesota License Plate

Ethan and Mark from Rock Hill’s only psychedelic postmodern grunge funk band, Minnesota License Plate talk about the rewards of being in a band in Old Town. We discuss the age-old belief of going to the big city to pursue your dreams, and why that didn’t make sense for MLP. We also talk about the […]

OTNW: Loom Cowork with Jennifer Belk

Loom Director and Programming Coordinator, Jennifer Belk talks about opening York County’s first cowork space. We discuss the impact of Loom on the area, and what coworking means to the county, as well as people, at large. We talk about the evolution of work and lifestyle, and why cowork is the perfect fit for so […]

OTNW: Economics with Dr. Laura Ullrich

Associate Professor of Economics at Winthrop University, Dr. Laura Ullrich talks about community and economics in America and abroad. We discuss the need to maximize physical connectivity between cities. She talks about the meaningful transformation she’s participated in and observed in Bolivia, and the impact the internet has had there. She also talks about choosing […]

OTNW: Math and People with Zach Abernathy

Winthrop University Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Zach Abernathy talks about the inextricable link between math and humanity, and why he choses to teach and learn about it in Rock Hill, SC. He explains (in language we can all understand) the power of data-analysis and what it can do to better our lives. We also talk […]

OTNW: A Band Called Death with Jeff Howlett (Part 2)

Jeff Howlett joins us for part 2 of his interview. In this half, Jeff elaborates on his career in music, and the punk-rock ethics that he carries with him to this day. He’ll also tell us more about the story behind his hugely popular 2013 documentary, A Band Called Death.  Jeff Howlett was born in Florida, and […]

OTNW: A Band Called Death with Jeff Howlett (Part 1)

Jeff Howlett talks about the passion and ideals that have lead him through a life of creativity in the form of music, photography, and film, alongside a career in I.T.  He’ll talk about directing the wildly successful 2013 documentary, A Band Called Death. He’ll also discuss his current passion: wetplate collodion photography. Also called tintype, it is […]

OTNW: Art and People with Connor Clinch

We talk to Connor Clinch, a B.F.A. student at Winthrop University and graduate of The Fine Arts Center in Greenville. We discuss the relationship that we all have with art as humans, whether conscious or not, and its impact on growing small towns. We’ll also talk about the nature of some misconceptions around art and […]

OTNW: Making a Living in Music Composition with Joe Miller

We talk to Joe Miller, a former Winthrop University professor who makes a living in Old Town by composing and recording music on a national scale for all sorts of media. We discuss his roots in music, and his experience as a teacher, and an entrepreneur. We also discuss the larger conversation of how people […]

OTNW: Changing The Reality of Old Town with Sidewalk Development

Tim Elliott from Sidewalk Development, and Pauline Harris from SPIN LLC tell us about the radical changes coming to the environment of Old Town with a project that will bridge Winthrop University and Downtown Rock Hill. Sidewalk Development is a real estate development company focused on aligning the interests of the private, municipal, and university […]

OTNW: Old Town With Stephen Turner

We’ll talk to Rock Hill Economic & Urban Development Director Stephen Turner about the city’s past, present, and future. He’ll tell us about the path that brought him to his pivotal role in the transformation of Rock Hill from a struggling textile town to a fast-growing and vibrant community. He’ll talk about the principals of a positive […]

OTNW: Audio Engineering With Robby Goggins

Robby Goggins talks about obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree from Clemson University in Audio Engineering, his experience since then, and his hopes for the future in Rock Hill. We’ll also talk about how the recording industry looks to Millenials. Everybody weighs in on their thoughts around the nature of music, music-culture, and Steve Vai vs. Bob Dylan. Roby […]

OTNW: Building Cities With Bill Cronin, Economic Development Director for the City of Charlotte

This week, we’ll have a conversation with Bill Cronin, Director of Economic Development for The City of Charlotte. We’ll talk about the qualities of a successful city, and ways in which Charlotte Rock Hill are working toward a bright future. We’ll also talk about the history of the American City, and its proven virtues and […]

OTNW: Energizing Old Town with Tom Stanley

We’ll talk to Winthrop University Chair of Fine Arts, and Fine Art Professor Tom Stanley about the keys to growing local arts and lifestyle. He’ll talk about investing in downtown by integrating art with the public experience. He’ll also talk about his specific fascinations in the world of art and culture, and how they’ve impacted […]

OTNW: Art and Life in Old Town with Harriet Marshall Goode

We’ll talk to nationally celebrated artist, and Rock Hill trailblazer, Harriet Marshall Goode about the evolution of sensibilities in Old Town and the culture, at large. She’ll talk about her personal growth from the kid with the dream of design, to her status as a historical figure in national and regional art. She’ll also talk about watching […]

OTNW: Customization Economy With David Stringer

We’ll talk to Insignia President David Stringer about the state of business and work in Old Town. He’ll talk about the value of offering people a unique, customizable experience in automobiles. We’ll discuss the changing landscape of Old Town Rock Hill and the new possibilities in lifestyle. A native of the Carolinas, David earned his Bachelors of […]

OTNW: Skilled Work with Stefanie Haviv

Stefanie Haviv talks about her career path in commercial and wedding photography. We’ll talk about the power of problem-solving, the importance of engaging people with imagery, and the nature of work in the creative class. Stefanie Haviv is the definition of a woman who does it all. She graduated from college in Chapel Hill in 2007, […]

OTNW: Creativity, Work, & Life with Scott Nurkin

Musician and artist Scott Nurkin talks about his path to becoming one of North Carolina’s most popular and prolific muralists. He’ll talk about his experiences in the music industry and how it changed over his career. He’ll also talk about growing his murals, signs, and graphics business, The Mural Shop from its launch in 2004. Scott will […]

OTNW: The Evolution of Education with Jim Vining

Rock Hill School Board Chairman, Jim Vining talks about the state of education, and the role of technology and cultural change on learning. We’ll discuss the radical changes in both how and what is taught in modern curriculum. We’ll get an insight on how students adopt this change and teachers manage work within shifting standards. […]

OTNW: The Evolution of Web Culture with Adam Gautsch

We’ll talk to designer/developer Adam Gautsch about all the changes he’s seen in more than a decade of web work. Also, we’ll talk about changing perspectives on things like transportation and the nature of employment. Adam helps with web stuff at Orange Coat web design, social-entrepreneur stuff at 104 Good City, co-work stuff at Join Open Works, and collecting all […]

OTNW: Intellectual Property Law with Chris Clark Pt 2

In part two of our conversation with attorney Chris Clark, we’ll get more into intellectual property law. We’ll discuss ownership of ideas, and that changes hands in the legal world. Chris Clark is a partner at Tillman Wright, PLLC , and Intellectual Property and Business law firm located in Charlotte. Chris has worked in private […]

OTNW: Intellectual Property Law with Chris Clark Pt 1

In part one of our conversation with attorney Chris Clark, we’ll talk about the music industry and how ownership of songs works in the eyes of ye ol’ law. We’ll also talk about his time at Mammoth records, who put out albums by The Melvins, Juliana Hatfield, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Seven Mary Three before […]

OTNW: A Career in Music with Vincent & David

This week, we’ll talk about what it’s like for musicians building their life in a small town. We’ll talk about opportunity for musical pursuits, how they’ve changed with technology and cultural growth, and explore the personal value of creativity. Vincent Izzo is a student at Furman University in Greenville, SC, and is scheduled to graduate […]

OTNW: Art in a Small Town with Amanda Varney

We’ll talk to local artist, Amanda Varney about the growing arts scene in Old Town Rock Hill. After growing up as an aesthetically sensitive kid in the mountains, Amanda moved with her family to Rock Hill in the mid 90s. She attended Queens University in Charlotte and has since done all kinds of jobs from […]

OTNW: Bristol VA’s PUSH! Film Festival

Anil and Micah return from their trip to the PUSH! Film Festival in Bristol with an award for Best Short! They’ll talk about their experiences at PUSH, and the importance of small town festivals like this. PUSH! Film Festival is a celebration of the cinematic and visual arts in the heart of the twin cities […]

OTNW: The Value of Museums with Mat Duncan & Caroline Furiate

Caroline and Mat are Rock Hillians who lead successful, creative careers and support their growing community. Mat is a Curator for the Spartanburg Art Museum, published poet, and an artist with work in numerous exhibitions. Caroline is a jewelry designer with a BFA from Winthrop, and  currently works as a jewelry sales associate for Nordstrom. We […]

OTNW: City Planner, Joe Lanford

In 1977, while everybody was going to see Star Wars and hanging out at the mall, Joe Lanford spearheaded a project that changed the course of History for Rock Hill. For 17 years, Main Street was covered with a roof and dubbed The Town Center Mall. It was a decision that remains controversial and debated. […]

OTNW: Living in Old Town with Caroline Reeves

Caroline Reeves is from Durham, NC and graduated from Appalachian State with a Bachelors Degree in Apparel and Textiles. She’ll talk about her work with Springs and experience in a creative industry and why it made sense to live in Old Town Rock Hill. From bed-races to walkable life, Caroline will discuss why she feels no need […]

OTNW: From Slovenia to Rock Hill with Ani Subotic

Ani Subotic has had citizenship in Slovenia and Greece. Her father is a famous Slovenian League Basketball Player, now a coach in the Lebanese Basketball League. She sought an education in America and has since taken English has her primary language. So why did she jump over the pond and chose a position at Winthrop University and how […]

OTNW: Small Towns & Young Professionals with Josiah Blevins

Josiah graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2013. His background is in publishing, museum collections, and fine art, but it’s his predilection toward analysis and improvement of business process that brought him to RevenFlo. We’ll talk about the affection for the charm of small towns that Lead Josiah from the city […]

OTNW: Innovation in Old Town with Courtney Swift

This week, we’ll talk to Courtney Swift a graduate of The Savannah College of Art and Design. She’s worked as a Creative Project Manager in New York and Producer for The Belk Company. She’ll share her ideas about her craft and its place in commerce and industry. We’ll discuss her feelings about small town work […]

OTNW: International Education with Camille Ott

Camille Ott was raised in Strasbourg, France. She sought out an education at Winthrop University through a partnership with ISCOM: School of Communication and Advertising in Paris. She’ll talk to us about the differences between the typical lifestyle back home and that of her new home, Old Town Rock Hill. She’ll discuss her experiences as an Integrated Marketing […]

OTNW: The Underexposed Film Festival’s Melanie Cooper

This week, we’ll lift a glass with Melanie Cooper from The York County Arts Council. She’ll give us all the info about this weekend’s Underexposed Film Festival in Old Town Rock Hill. Underexposed is a film festival, now in its third year that offers a curated exposition of the best short films from around the world. There’s […]

OTNW: Farm to Table with Amy Schroeder

Amy joins us from the World of Organic Farm-to-table. She’ll tell us all about what lead her to her career and the process she works in. We’ll talk about the merging of entrepreneurship and farming that’s happening in the new cultural economy. We’ll get into the conversation about America’s changing tastes and priorities around food […]

OTNW: The Technology Incubator with David Warner

David heads up Old Town Rock Hill’s Technology Incubator, a program that provides tech startups and entrepreneurs with a creative workspace and programmatic resources. David will tell us about his rich experience in business development as well as environmental science. He’ll tell us about the various businesses and projects being launched by The Technology Incubator and the process […]

OTNW: Filmmaking with Bernardo Marantes

Bernardo was born in Medellin, Colombia. He grew up in Ecuador, Honduras and eventually moved to the American South. He met his wife, Katie at The Savannah College of Art and Design and he’s been telling stories with light and sound for a living since then. He’s part owner of a company called Caravan where he’s a director and cinematographer as well as […]

OTNW: Small Town Theaters with Anil Dhokai

Anil Dhokai makes a living editing a national television show. He’s worked on shows like Nitro Circus and Hollywood movies like Hall Pass and The Crazies. In his downtime, he produces his own, original content. He’s managed to rack up a long line of movie credits all while living in a small southern town. We’ll talk […]

OTNW: Chris and Micah Make a Movie

As they are want to talk about on Old Town New World, Micah and Chris are filmmakers. They’ve spent the last few months preparing to shoot a screenplay they wrote collaboratively. This was a new experience for them in that they financed the production with indiegogo, a crowdfunding site. They’ll talk about what they learned from the campaign […]

OTNW: Harvard Kennedy School

A few weeks ago, Jason attended the Harvard Kennedy School program. His was one of a series of courses entitled Innovation for Global Development. On this week’s show, he’ll talk about the relationships he formed there with people from all over the world. He’ll give us his newly gained insights on the development of small nations and […]

OTNW: Aday Remus Pilot Project with Steven Howell

Steven Howell, a recent MBA graduate from Winthrop University and financial analyst joins us at Millstone to talk about his ideas on entrepreneurship, economic development and his experience in The Aday Remus Pilot Project. Steven is an SC native who’s fallen in love with Rock Hill and its growing energy. We’ll get his perspective on […]

OTNW: Don’t Sweat It Fest

We’ll talk to Mike Gentry, a local artist, musician and manager at The Arts Council of York County. Among his many contributions to the culture of Rock Hill is The Courtroom At Getty’s a music venue operated out of an old courtroom in Old Town Rock HIll. Every Summer, Mike puts on a music festival called Don’t Sweat […]

OTNW: Mayor Doug Echols

A resident of Rock Hill since the early 70s, Doug Echols has long played a pivotal role in the growth of his community. He was a teacher and head football coach at Northwestern High School upon his initial move to Rock Hill where he grew that school and its athletic program to its status as one of […]

OTNW: National Main Streets Conference

Chris and Jason were out last week and on today’s episode they’ll tell us about their adventures. Chris was in Walt Disney World to bid a temporary adieu to his girlfriend, who is participating in The Disney College Program (a paid internship program). Jason was in Detroit Rock City to attend The National Main Streets Conference, […]

OTNW: Artist, Terry Roueche

We’ll meet Terry Roueche, a multi-talented artist who’s worked in commercial and expressive photographer for over 30 years. He’s also an award winning author and playwright. He operates a studio in Rock Hill in which he nurtures a platform for artists of any kind to pursue and display projects. In this episode he imparts lessons learned […]

OTNW: Justin Smith of Vinyet Architecture

We’ll meet Justin Smith, an architect who’s currently moving in next door to RevenFlo with his company, Vinyet.  We discuss the place of an architectural firm in a growing small town. We also get into the trends and cycles of design and Justin’s feelings and ideas about the art. Since Justin turns out to be really […]

OTNW: The Millennial Workplace

We’ll talk with Chance, an Account Manager at RevenFlo about her lifestyle as a Millennial who works at an internet marketing company in a small downtown. She talks about the advantages of having her son enrolled at a Montessori school across from her office and a walkable area of hang-out spaces within reach. We’ll also discuss the […]

OTNW: Human Interaction on the Web

We’ve talked repeatedly about unlimited access having a major impact on where we choose to live and work. For the most part, the conversation has been around the freedom granted by digital work to live anywhere and not be forced into a big city. Meanwhile… Chris listened to an audiobook called Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah […]

OTNW: Social Media and The Mystery Box

So Chris wrote a blog post that was inspired by a TED talk by J.J. Abrams. Not that anything in that sentence comes as a shock, but it turns out Abrams’ conceptual “mystery box” has a lot in common with social media. We’ll break down the psychology of what keeps us going back to check our email/facebook/twitter to the point […]

OTNW: The Importance of Story

At RevenFlo Webmarketing, most of what we do involves creating an online presence for our clients. This means writing, design and of course, web video. On this episode, we’ll talk about our philosophy behind web video and general content-creation. We’ll talk about the importance of story in content. Whether it’s video, design or general marketing, the key […]

OTNW: Cycles!

Music, movies, fashion and consumerism at large has always and will always operate on a cycle. The music you liked as a kid will be scoffed at by a future generation and acclaimed by generations after them. It’s also true for industry, ideas and the pretty much all of the human experience. There’s great value […]

OTNW: Rev. Dr. John E. Cole and Rev. Tai Z. Magette

We’ll meet Dr. John Cole and Tai Magette from the historical First Presbyterian Church in Rock Hill, SC. They’ll discuss the many ways that advancement in communication and changes in society have impacted the church. Rev. Cole recently moved to Rock Hill from Orlando Florida, specifically to become the pastor at First Presbyterian. He’ll discuss his motivations for […]

OTNW: A Flat Society

The most common theme on the show is without a doubt, crowdsourcing. In this episode we explore the themes and implications of crowdsourcing beyond the web.  We’ll point to evidence in not just the way we go about business and entertainment, but the way we live our lives day-to-day, run our society and even the […]

OTNW: Brightbox Cowork Group (Part Two)

This week, we return to our hangout with the folks at Brightbox Cowork Space in Old Town Winchester, VA. They talk about the growing pains of bringing a historical city into the new millenium and the requisite perspective to do so. We discuss the value of understanding the motivations and whys of growing your city. We also […]

OTNW: Brightbox Cowork Group (Part One)

This week, we sit down with a group of people from The Brightbox Cowork Space in Old Town Winchester, VA. It’s a group of people doing exactly the sort of things we discuss from week to week: living and working in a community that supports and is supported by them. We’ll share with them the ideology behind Aday […]

OTNW: Film Fest Creator, Brian Patrick

This week, we talked to Brian Patrick about The Skyline Indie Film Festival, an event he created for the quickly growing community of Winchester, Virginia. He also talked about resurrecting an old bookstore in his picturesque little mountain town and his history in The Carolinas, in which he’s seen the ups and downs of his hometown, Rockingham, NC. […]

OTNW: Jason Attends CrowdConf in San Francisco

CrowdConf is a yearly conference in San Francisco, California featuring 500 crowdsourcing practitioners, execs, investors, entrepreneurs, and scholars. Jason was lucky enough to attend this year and upon his return is bursting with great stories and new ideas! So join us for a couple at Millstone Taphouse in Old Town Rock Hill and join the conversation […]

OTNW: Commuting From The Big City

The suburban commuter boom of the 50s and 60s created a world where people drove “into the city” to work, and eventually for arts and culture. This model changed little over the decades, but as small towns evolve into a new era, we’re finding more and more evidence that Main Street USA has the capacity […]

OTNW: Chip Hutchison

We sit down with Chip Hutchison, a financial advisor in Rock Hill with a long personal history in the community. Chip talks about the history of Rock Hill and his family’s part in it. In this history, we find a remarkable amount of similarities with the innovations and changes of modern times. So grab your […]

OTNW: Winchester, Virginia

A couple of weeks ago, Chris and Micah attended a film festival in historic Winchester, Virginia. As opposed to a weekend spent entirely in the confines of a movie theater, they were drawn out into the community by a wealth of small-town culture that was evident from the start. On this episode we have a […]

OTNW: Retention Of Talent (Part 1)

Live from Millstone Pizza in Old Town Rock Hill, SC, we bring you the first episode of Old Town New World. In this episode, we discuss how creating an energetic community experience can lead to the retention of talent. Filling jobs with productive, talented people is contingent on offering a positive and fulfilling community and […]

OTNW: The Role Of Libraries In Our New Communities

Along with great human progress over the past couple of decades, we’ve seen the future of many longstanding facets called into question. One of the more contentious issues at hand is the fate of public libraries. Does technology and easy access to information spell the end of traditional libraries? Is the communication age a bright new […]

OTNW: The Film Industry And Small Town USA

It’s been said that anyone can make a movie. While it’s been true for decades, recent development in movie-making technology has shifted the film industry in a major way. Now anyone can keep a 9 to 5 job while producing a movie that looks and sounds as good as anything at the Cineplex. This, along […]

OTNW: Retention Of Talent (Part 2)

In this episode, we continue our discussion on creating an energetic community experience and its impact on the retention of talent. Filling jobs with productive, talented people is continegent on a postive and fulfilling community and jobs that challenge the individual to find the maximum use of their skills. Join us over a couple of […]